Off Topic: Musings on Rumors of a Big Little Lies Season 2 (Spoilers!)

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First off, let me say that I loved the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies.  The characters (the acting!), the production values, the music, the story, the real estate porn – it all worked for me.  Any minor gripes I had with the show were minuscule in comparison with the multitude of positives.  No, no, this limited series was near perfection.  Which is probably what makes rumors of a Season 2 a little distressing. This story was driven by an exceptional circumstance.  A circumstance, or coincidence, that stretched the limits of credibility but made for very compelling television.  I fear the use of another exceptional circumstance to drive a Season 2 narrative would push this stellar miniseries squarely into the soap opera melodrama territory.

Some stories have a natural conclusion.  Is that really such a bad thing?

From what I understand rabid fan response is the driving force behind talks of a possible second season.  As one of those fans I can understand the impulse.  Part of me would like to see these women again, but where does the story go from here?  Therein lies the question.

Throughout the series there were a few hints that Ed might not be as nice as he outwardly appeared. Granted, that could have been a red herring tactic to keep Season 1 viewers on their toes but there was a moment in the finale that had me scratching me head.  Maybe I’m reading too much into small gestures but I really hope they do not pursue an “Ed is not all that he seems” type of story line. That would be unoriginal and likely awful.

If I were to continue the story I would focus on the bond between the five women.  Is this bond real or is it the result of self preservation?  Can it withstand the return to a new normal?  Celeste and Jane are now a family of sorts.  How do they manage through that dynamic, with themselves and their children?  Where does it leave Madeline?  I’m sure given Bonnie’s personality there will be some psychological ramifications to her actions.  She could withdraw, sink into depression.  Maybe Celeste begins to unconsciously resent her, revealing a fissure within the group.  Can Madeline and Renata put aside their differences for long or will their natural competitiveness again rear its head?  Speaking of Madeline, her marriage is in trouble.  How will a household in crisis impact her interaction with the other women?  Lots to explore there, and absolutely no need to introduce another far fetched melodramatic element (e.g. Ed is a serial killer).

I have no idea if there will be a Season 2 of Big Little Lies.  But if there is, regardless of what direction it takes, I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching.

PS: For those wondering, my minor gripe with the series has to do with the inciting incident.  I have a young child in elementary school and I find it hard to believe that a professional teacher  – especially one employed in such a affluent town –  would have addressed Amabella’s injury as depicted.  Last I checked public shaming went out with the Puritans, excluding the internet of course.  That kind of shaming is sadly thriving today.

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