First Blog Post: Hello & Welcome!

Vintage typewriter
Vintage typewriter

This is not my first rodeo, uh I mean blog.  Several years ago, I was a dissatisfied middle manager in Corporate America longing for escape of any kind.  In this moment of desperation, the idea for my first blog was hatched – a real-time chronicle of my attempt at writing a best-selling book, retiring from the corporate world and living the good life.  Sounds good, right?  Too bad it was much easier said than done.

This is not to say that my first blog experience was a complete failure, maybe more like 95% failure.  On a more positive note I did learn quite about blogging and surprisingly found that I enjoyed it immensely.  All in all, not a total loss I suppose.

Closet Novelist is an attempt to learn from my past mistakes and move forward in my blogging/writing journey.  Why the name?  Well, I’m not a full-time writer.  In fact, I’m currently managing a growing consultation business in an unrelated field.  Having a “public” blog about my creative interests could prove detrimental to my fledgling company (or not, too soon to tell) hence the idea of pursuing my creative outlet under a digital cover.

You may be wondering, if secrecy is a necessity why blog at all?  Well, one of the most surprising things I learned from my first blogging experience is that writing and blogging were essential to boosting my overall creativity.  This increased engagement with the right side of my brain made me more effective at my other professional committments.  For me, writing also provides a greater sense of overall engagement in life and a nurturing to another side of my personality too long ignored.

So, join me if you will, on this journey to balance the two parts of my personality.  This blog will mostly cover my attempt to finish and publish the first book in an intended Fantasy series.  Along the way, I’m sure I’ll discover other things to write about.  As the tagline suggests, I never know when inspiration is going to strike.  When it does I’ll be certain to blog about it!

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