I Used to Think I Was a “FanGirl” but Then I Discovered Tumblr.

Seriously, this shit is next level.

I’ve always been a Sci Fi and Fantasy lover.  It all began with Star Wars (though admittedly I never read anything in the Expanded Universe), was heightened by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and driven into overdrive with Game of Thrones.  Other things I’ve had milder forms of obsession with along the way include (but are not limited to): The Matrix, The X Files, Firefly, certain portions of the MCU, The Leftovers, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games (books only) to name a few. I am the type of person who cannot avoid spoilers, loves to read critic reviews, loves to write reviews when I’m particularly moved, peruse (now defunct IMDB) message boards and Reddit threads, watch YouTube reaction videos, and cyber stalk certain celebrity Instagrams.  Certainly there were times I felt I was going overboard.  My loved ones didn’t even understand.  But low and behold I’ve only really scratched the surface.  I realized this when I stumbled across Tumblr one day not too long ago.

Mind blown!

What drove me to Tumblr?  The Last Jedi.  That movie so messed with my head and subverted my expectations that I needed to find some source of relief/comfort.  Mostly around the Kylo Ren/Rey relationship, but the arch of the original trio as well.  Luckily I found comfort and so much more!  Insightful film analysis, symbolism and visual story telling primers, literature reviews, fun gifs, original fan art and fiction.  What a wealth of story enhancement content!  Admittedly, some of it is trash but more importantly a lot of it is not.  I’ve been especially impressed with fan fiction writers.  These folks really love some aspect of a particular fandom and craft engaging stories around the main narratives to further deepen the plot or take it into completely new directions.  I think I got turned off from fan fiction when I read that the horrendous (IMHO) Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy began as Twilight fan fiction.  Once that little tidbit dropped in my lap all writers of fan fiction were unceremoniously dumped into the garbage heap together.  Unfair, I know but hey no one’s perfect.

So here’s the thing, if you fall in love with a story and hate to see it end do yourself a favor and take a quick look at Tumblr or a site called An Archive of Our Own.  In an Archive of Our Own search the fandoms for the story that you love and sort the result by “kudos”.  I think you be surprised and entertained by the quality of the content you’ll find.  Is this fan fiction literature that will change the world? Certainly not, but it can help one stay engaged in a world they love or inspire creativity.  And really how can that be a bad thing?











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