Original Work: The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar (Chapter 1)

By way of introduction readers of this blog will know that I have written a young adult fantasy entitled “The Madian”.  Perhaps not surprisingly (going by agent feedback) that work is getting very little traction on this blog, WattPad, or FictionPress.  So just for fun I thought I’d share an earlier work that is probably […]

Sharp Objects Limited HBO Series Review: A Lot to Admire, But Not As Much As The Book

I probably should start off by saying that I loved the book. Seriously. I read Sharp Objects several years ago and protagonist Camille Preaker is a character that has stayed with me since.  I’ve often wondered where she would end up and if she could ever allow herself happiness. I certainly hope so. Keep that in […]

The Southern Reach Trilogy: Opaque, Unique, Non-linear

I came to Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy the way I often do to new books these days, through an introduction by way of a film. I saw the movie Annihilation and honestly wasn’t sure what to make of it. The movie’s end was deliberately left open to interpretation and I decided to seek out the […]