Off topic: Why I like Meghan Markle

Apparently, Meghan just passed 100 days of something, being a royal I presume. Let me start by saying that I’m an American who could really care less about the British monarchy.  Sure, I watch The Crown and Will and Kate seem like a likable pair but all the pomp and circumstance does absolutely nothing for me. The aristocracy is so foreign it’s almost akin to watching an alien race, fascinating but not at all part of my daily existence.

A lot has been written about Meghan Markle over that past year or so.  From her mixed-race heritage, to her acting fame, her stylish clothes, unconventional attitude, divorce and modern feminist views have all been put under the microscope to be analyzed, judged and commented upon. Publicly, she’s handled this scrutiny with grace and humility though secretly I hope she’s had a few epic meltdowns behind closed doors.  A girls gotta vent, no? But for all the attention – much of shockingly superficial – her strength, self-reliance, and refusal to be defined solely by her beginnings has really won me over.

With the clear exception of her mother, Meghan comes from a family seemingly chock full questionable characters. I’m sure this is a gross over simplification and it is not my intention to trash the Markles.  I don’t know much about the family except what I see in the press, which is a distorted version of reality at best. The evidence is clear, however, that her father and half-sister behaved in a highly inappropriate manner in the days prior to and after the royal wedding. I’m sure for some this familial drama will have reflected badly on Meghan, but not for me. I certainly don’t come from a perfect family. I can’t say that I know many who do.

Meghan’s grace in dealing with her family drama is to be commended.  How many of us would have snapped under such an unflattering picture painted for the worlds’ entertainment? Some have speculated that her training as an actress may have helped her appear calm in the face of a storm but this is family we’re talking about. Not matter our strength, family is one issue that can that can bring even the toughest among us to their knees. I’m sure Meghan must have had her moments of weakness but thankfully those were not for public consumption.

Meghan had enough strength of character to rise above the media feeding frenzy surrounding her wedding and walk herself partially down an isle full of people defined, and some happily and arrogantly so, by the accident of their birth.  Her head held high she passed those highly pedigreed aristocrats to take her place by her adoring husband to be.  We all should be lucky to be able to thrive in the face of such skepticism and arguably one of the most intimidating families in the world who by all accounts where holding their breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or at least according to Camilla that is!

While I do think Meghan respects her own history she refused to be defined by it. Meghan provided inspiration to all those afraid that their roots will strangle them to break free and reach for the stars. They are yours as much as anyone else. All it took was a short walk down a very prestigious isle to show the world the way.  I look forward to seeing what Meghan will do now that she is part of a prestigious family with global platform and the resources to truly make the world a better place.

Go Meghan!

PS: Keep that messy bun and power suits.  You look fantastic!


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