Re-watching A “Room With A View” Twenty Years Later

“Wait, is this a parody?” That was one of my first surprising thoughts when rewatching a much beloved cinematic experience. Let me explain. I first saw “A Room With A View” as a college undergrad. It was my first foray into British period pieces and I was enchanted. Such romance! Such beauty! I don’t recallContinue reading “Re-watching A “Room With A View” Twenty Years Later”

Microfiction Wrap-Up

I was having some some fun with Twitter prompts this week. It’s difficult to write a story in only 280 characters. Admittedly, some are better than others. Practice is practice, yes? #vss365 (very short story) prompt: #Escape It was always unusual – brown eyes from blue and green, black hair from blonde. Gene testing confirmedContinue reading “Microfiction Wrap-Up”