Microfiction Wrap-Up

I was having some some fun with Twitter prompts this week. It’s difficult to write a story in only 280 characters. Admittedly, some are better than others. Practice is practice, yes?

#vss365 (very short story) prompt: #Escape

It was always unusual – brown eyes from blue and green, black hair from blonde. Gene testing confirmed long held and dark suspicious but it was too late. His mother is unstable, I can’t leave him alone with her. For us, there is no escape.

#vss365 prompt: #Yesterday

The love of my life shattered my heart. He moved on quickly while I struggled to find my balance. Now years later friends complain that I am still stuck. Well, they could not be more wrong. Just wait until I tell them that I got married yesterday.

#vss365 prompt: #Epiphany

Snippets of conversations heard during afternoon pick-up:

“Her daughter is SUCH a problem.”

“Can you BELIEVE what she said to me?”

“Does she really wear the same coat everyday?”

That’s when I had a horrifying #epiphany. Twenty years later, I’m back in the schoolyard.

#Satsplat (horror tag)

Look at this woman- gentle eyes and warm heart. She wants to believe that the world did me wrong. She thinks I am kind. I suppose I can be. I can be other things too. She hurt me, humiliated me, was going to leave. I warned her, showed her the knife. She didn’t listen

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