So, What about the Novel?

You may have noticed that I have been writing a lot of Haiku’s lately. I am no poet, but I like the simplicity and brevity of a Haiku. I like the structure too. A Haiku is basically a three-line poem that follows a 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable structure, ideally using some aspect of nature as the subject matter. I find I am most at peace in nature and when I force myself outdoors, I will write a Haiku about anything that gives me pause.

Why? Well, writers are supposed to write, no? I think that it is pretty clear from this blog that I am a sporadic writer at best and constructing a Haiku makes me feel like I am at least honing some creative skill – if not pounding away at the Great American novel. It is that simple. I am not convinced that what I am doing is at all productive but I like the challenge of forcing my inspiration into seventeen syllables. It fits with my hectic lifestyle.

As far as my Great American novel goes, a first draft is done. It has been done for a while. It has also been professionally edited. I received some great advice which has led me to an idea that is an essentially a complete overhaul of the story. That will take time and much forethought and planning, something I do not have the mental energy to tackle at the moment. Consequently, I have decided to put that project on hold until I have a bit more time to dedicate to the task. I want to be able to live and breathe the story, so that all the elements come together seamlessly as a cohesive whole. To do that will require a significant amount of headspace, one that my professional life will not allow anytime soon. However, I do want to continue writing practice but under less pressure and more for fun and, more importantly, building a steady writing practice. I need to get into a writing groove, and that does not include the arduous task of editing my own original work.

What is to be done then? Fan fiction! I know, I know, you are rolling your eyes. But remember, this is not for publication, this for practice. I am a Science Fiction/ Fantasy superfan so I decided to write about the Star Wars sequel character Rey. She had a strong introduction in “The Force Awakens” but her story fizzled to the preposterous by the end of the trilogy. Can I write an interesting story about Rey that makes her the star of her own tale? Will she have agency? Who knows, but I so do like a challenge!

In case you were wondering, the lovely girl in this picture is not really a reflection of me. I just liked the feeling of optimistic desperation that I imagine lies behind that happy smile. Or maybe I am just projecting…

I am embedding the link to my work in progress below. Feel free to click if you are curious! If not, I am sure I will have another Haiku up my sleeve soon!

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  1. I love how you see writing fan-fiction as practice. I myself think that the things you ‘practice’ on usually end up being much better than the pieces you actually work hard at. Wishing you the best either way!

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