I a wife, mother, and consultant by day who writes whenever I have free time, mostly at night.  This blog is meant to serve as a platform for my writing, whether it be notes on my novel in progress, thoughts on publishing, comments on pop culture or current affairs Рreally whatever moves me on a given day.  Occasionally, you may also find entertainment reviews (books, movies, and TV).

My current work is a Fantasy series, the first book of which is complete! For those of you interested in coming of age stories set in a Fantasy realm please check my book entitled “The Madian” (muh-DAY-in) which can be found on this blog and on WattPad and FictionPress.

A very brief description of the story can be found below:

Alastine Arden had grown up believing her world content, predictable. The truth of her reality had long escaped her attention. Falling deeply into an obsessive love was her only plausible explanation. A love so all-consuming that it obliterated the elusive truth of her world. Signs of the Madian were there from the very beginning, lingering in the shadows just waiting to be seen.

Tags: #fantasy, #coming of age, #other dimensions, #elements, #romance



I hope you enjoy and I welcome any feedback.