Off Topic: Musings on Rumors of a Big Little Lies Season 2 (Spoilers!)

– From Archived Site –  First off, let me say that I loved the HBO miniseries Big Little Lies.  The characters (the acting!), the production values, the music, the story, the real estate porn – it all worked for me.  Any minor gripes I had with the show were minuscule in comparison with the multitudeContinue reading “Off Topic: Musings on Rumors of a Big Little Lies Season 2 (Spoilers!)”

Lessons from Twitter

– From Archived Site –  I was a Twitter skeptic.  I admit it.  How could 140 characters possibly convey anything of meaning?  Surely it was all superficial sound bites, designed to entice or inflame, with no real substance to absorb.  How wrong I was.  To say I love Twitter is probably an overstatement, but overContinue reading “Lessons from Twitter”

Book Review: Give Me Your Heart: Dark, Disturbed, Maddening

– From Archived Site – I went on a Disney cruise to the Eastern Caribbean last week.  It was fun and jam-packed with magical activities and Disney characters.  My 7 year old had a blast.  But I’m not really interested in writing about that, this isn’t a travel blog after all.  Maybe it was becauseContinue reading “Book Review: Give Me Your Heart: Dark, Disturbed, Maddening”

What is a Story Anyway?

– From Archived Site –  I’m slowly getting through a newly acquired book purchased in an effort to boost my creativity, Wonderbook.  Honestly, it’s a bit of a slog.  Not because the book is bad.  The book is actually quite good.  It is just very, very DENSE.  This is not content that one can breeze throughContinue reading “What is a Story Anyway?”

Book Review: The Girl on The Train is a Trainwreck

– From Archived Site –  In the best possible way.  The book The Girl on The Train (Paula Hawkins) should come with a warning – do not begin this book unless you have 48 hours to devour cover-to-cover.  I know this book wasn’t on my March reading list but somewhere between procrastinating writing my ownContinue reading “Book Review: The Girl on The Train is a Trainwreck”

Book Review: The Light Between Oceans

– From Archived Site –  The Light Between Oceans: Sad, Beautiful, Lingering I’ve knocked off one book from my March reading list and it was The Light Between Oceans.  Once I got into this book it basically consumed me until I finished it, emotionally shattered and awash in tears.  In a good way, kind of.Continue reading “Book Review: The Light Between Oceans”