Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House: Pays Homage While Still Feeling Original, Albeit a Bit Repetitive

Spoiler Free! I am a huge fan of the book by Shirley Jackson so I eagerly anticipated this series.  I’ve previously reviewed the book and have left a link to that post below for those interested.  Importantly, the book does not spoil the TV adaptation.  The series drew inspiration from the book but is a […]

"The Leftovers" Series Finale Review (No Spoilers): The Beauty of the Struggle

 – From Archived Site –  Wow, just wow.  Almost a week later and I’m still reeling from “The Leftovers” achingly perfect series finale.  Where to begin, what to say?  First, for those who haven’t seen the show it’s a limited HBO series, only three seasons from start to finish.  Honestly, three seasons is probably enough. […]