The Last Jedi Trailer Review: Thrilling, Surprising, and Ominous

Yes, I am such a Star Wars fan that I decided to write a trailer review. Don’t judge me! Anyway, like countless others I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the next installment of the newest Star Wars trilogy. It’s something of an early Christmas present for me this year as it has been in 2015Continue reading “The Last Jedi Trailer Review: Thrilling, Surprising, and Ominous”

Harvey Weinstein And The Things We Choose To Ignore

Like many in America I have been obsessed with the downfall of Harvey Weinstein this week.  Every day there has been a steady stream of salacious stories about how the movie mogul acted inappropriately, even criminally, during the last twenty or so years.  Some very high-profile women and many more lesser known actresses have comeContinue reading “Harvey Weinstein And The Things We Choose To Ignore”

Calling Female Fantasy Fans: Would You Read This Book?

I’ve written a fantasy novel.  It’s “young adult-ish” and features a prominent love story.  I say it’s young adult-ish because while the protagonist is 17 years old for most of the story there is some sexual content.  This content is not explicit or gratuitous in nature and is integral to the progression of the story. Continue reading “Calling Female Fantasy Fans: Would You Read This Book?”

A Sunflower by Any Other Name

As mentioned in an earlier post I’m working through “Wonderbook” (Vandermeer) in an effort to boost my creativity.  For Writing Challenge #2, I had to choose a subject and gather materials related to that subject from four different text sources written in diverse styles and/or points of view.  From these disparate sources a three toContinue reading “A Sunflower by Any Other Name”

Book Review: The Haunting of Hill House – Atmospheric and Unsettling with a Pitch Perfect Ending

In honor of Halloween I decided to read the classic haunted house story The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. I found this book on many “Scariest Books all Time” lists so I decided to give it a shot.  Full disclosure before I move on, thus far the two scariest books I’ve ever read were TheContinue reading “Book Review: The Haunting of Hill House – Atmospheric and Unsettling with a Pitch Perfect Ending”

Book Review: “Columbine”, by Dave Cullen. No Easy Answers.

Columbine.  For many Americans, this word conjures powerful words and imagery. I tend to associate the following whenever I hear the word: School shooting Bullying Jocks Trench coat mafia Outcasts Over the years, I had heard mumblings that perhaps this was the wrong narrative.  That someone, somewhere got the story wrong.  I hardly paid attention. Continue reading “Book Review: “Columbine”, by Dave Cullen. No Easy Answers.”

Someday I Will Write a Tell All About My Family

  And it will be a tragic comedy. I love my family.  I do.  But I’ve always felt like I’m from a different planet. Somewhere in the great beyond my soul got shuttled into this family that I’m destined to never really understand, or fully fit, yet be eternally frustrated by.  They are good people,Continue reading “Someday I Will Write a Tell All About My Family”

Lessons From my Alter Ego: Getting Out of a Prickly Place

I like to think I have an alter ego, like Clark Kent but without the superpowers.  One side to my personality resides on this site, the more creative, inspirational, and frankly more open side. The other lives in the “real world”.  By that I mean the side of my personality responsible for paying the bills,Continue reading “Lessons From my Alter Ego: Getting Out of a Prickly Place”

But Is It Weird Enough?

I like to consider my ongoing writing a work of fantasy.  Which, technically speaking, I suppose it is.  But lately I find myself wondering if it’s really weird (or fantastical) enough for my chosen genre.  Certainly there are plenty of “other world” elements but believe me it’s no The Left Hand of Darkness of UrsulaContinue reading “But Is It Weird Enough?”

My Latest Obsession: YouTube Reaction Videos

It’s a strange thing to admit, I love reaction videos.  Well, I should clarify, certain types of reaction videos, namely those that deal with entertainment pieces that (a) I love and, (b) evokes a strong reaction. I’m trying to remember what piece of entertainment drove me to watch a reaction video.  I think it wasContinue reading “My Latest Obsession: YouTube Reaction Videos”