I know it is bright up there,

Blooming flowers and soft grass.

I know there is warmth up there,

Golden rays and steady comfort.

I know there is contentment up there,

Where purpose and fulfillment await.

Down here it is dark,

No color to brighten my days.

Down here it is cold,

No warmth to soften my nights.

Down here it is lonely,

No soul to share my pain.

Still, I can see the light,

Up there, far above.

Perhaps I can reach the light,

Though much effort is required.

Do I deserve the light?

That, if nothing else, I must believe.

Alone but also capable,

Of finding a foothold,

Of grasping, straining,

And beginning to climb.

My Castle Awaits

These people think they are so safe. Within the exclusive, gated communities who do you think takes care of those big fancy homes? Not them, I assure you. It took no time to pick a target and secure a job. They don’t see the threat. I doubt they even see the petite young girl scrubbing the floors of various barely used, well-appointed rooms. But they will. After it is over and I’m long gone – a barely recognized, blurred face on a grainy security feed.