Microfiction Monday! “Weird Coffee Guy”

He made me uncomfortable from the very beginning. Our first meeting on a hectic Monday morning set the tone. “You wanted a hazelnut coffee?” “Uh no, I asked for vanilla.” “Vanilla with just sugar?” “No actually, vanilla with just cream.” “Okey dokey. I hope your day gets better.” Wait, what? Our next meeting was asContinue reading “Microfiction Monday! “Weird Coffee Guy””

Believe You

I remember the school as being festive that day. Decorations for Christmas break were strewn about the hallways. Outside, fat snowflakes blanketed the landscape making everything appear uniformly white, pure and perfect. Inside, the excitement was infectious. The last period bell had just rung and shrieks of delight could be heard as the school emptied.Continue reading “Believe You”