Book Thoughts: Ohio by Stephen Markley – Engrossing but Emotionally Exhausting

The novel Ohio by Stephen Markley tells the story of a group of six high school friends over the course of one night approximately ten years after graduation.  The story is told mostly through a series of flashbacks as two of the group travel back to New Canaan, Ohio the same night, though unbeknownst to […]

The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Shepherd’s Moon Inn (& Tavern) “Grampy, I thought it was your left leg that was hurt?” Moonie paused mid stride to look back at his granddaughter Sylvie. She was standing just behind the bar, dusting sheep hair from the countertop as she observed him with a seemingly innocent smile on her face. Moonie […]

Borne: An Accessible and Riveting Introduction into the Wonderfully Weird World of Jeff Vandermeer

It’s odd to admit but I’ve recently realized that I have somehow stumbled into a reader relationship with Jeff Vandermeer.  It all started because I, an unpublished fantasy author, began to worry that my young adult fantasy wasn’t – well – weird enough.  I can’t really remember how I found Vandermeer’s Wonderbook.  Maybe it was through […]

Original Work: The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar (Chapter 1)

By way of introduction readers of this blog will know that I have written a young adult fantasy entitled “The Madian”.  Perhaps not surprisingly (going by agent feedback) that work is getting very little traction on this blog, WattPad, or FictionPress.  So just for fun I thought I’d share an earlier work that is probably […]