The Rogue’s Departure (Flash Fiction)

The stage had been set for a while. Louise had noticed the signs of impending doom from the beginning – the loose alliances solidifying, the subtle isolation of a “problem” player, the cautious glances and whispers behind his back. A figurative knife had suddenly appeared and was looming overhead, desperately seeking a target. The airContinue reading “The Rogue’s Departure (Flash Fiction)”

Around the Hearth, Dreadfully

Trying my hand at Flash Fiction, 1,500 words to be exact. Enjoy! Another year, another embarrassment of Christmas riches.  A family blessed one might think. Look closer and you can smell the rot just below the surface. I plaster a smile to my face pretending to delight in this year’s loot.  Funny, this act seemsContinue reading “Around the Hearth, Dreadfully”