Microfiction Wrap-Up

I was having some some fun with Twitter prompts this week. It’s difficult to write a story in only 280 characters. Admittedly, some are better than others. Practice is practice, yes? #vss365 (very short story) prompt: #Escape It was always unusual – brown eyes from blue and green, black hair from blonde. Gene testing confirmedContinue reading “Microfiction Wrap-Up”

My Neighbor’s Crush

He said he knew you, immediately, when he first learned my address. An adolescent game of spin the bottle was recounted – cute, innocent. I thought nothing of it until he mentioned you again six months later. Had he forgotten our earlier conversation? There were stars in his eyes, happy memories. You barely remembered him.Continue reading “My Neighbor’s Crush”

Microfiction Monday! “Weird Coffee Guy”

He made me uncomfortable from the very beginning. Our first meeting on a hectic Monday morning set the tone. “You wanted a hazelnut coffee?” “Uh no, I asked for vanilla.” “Vanilla with just sugar?” “No actually, vanilla with just cream.” “Okey dokey. I hope your day gets better.” Wait, what? Our next meeting was asContinue reading “Microfiction Monday! “Weird Coffee Guy””