There is One Great Reason to See Venom – Tom Hardy

“Eddie on my planet I am kind of a loser, like you!” – Venom I was feeling beaten up and brain dead last weekend so I grabbed a glass of wine and decided to watch Venom. I don’t know why I made this selection but it probably had to do with being too drained to […]

Spoilers! “The Last Jedi” Review – So Many Mixed Emotions.

In a post earlier this week I provided a non-spoiler review of the movie.  If you haven’t seen “The Last Jedi” yet I suggest you start there first. SPOILERS!     SPOILERS!     SPOILERS! OK with the spoiler warning out of the way where to begin?  Initial first impressions are probably best so here goes.  I […]

My Spoiler Free Review of “The Last Jedi” – There is a lot to absorb. Give it time to sink in, it may change your initial take.

“WTF just happened?” “Where the hell do they go from here?” Those were my first two very unsettling thoughts while leaving the cinema after watching “The Last Jedi.”  I can understand if one were compelled to write a review of the movie immediately upon first viewing the overall sentiment would not be positive (as evidenced […]