Off topic: Why I like Meghan Markle

Apparently, Meghan just passed 100 days of something, being a royal I presume. Let me start by saying that I’m an American who could really care less about the British monarchy.  Sure, I watch The Crown and Will and Kate seem like a likable pair but all the pomp and circumstance does absolutely nothing forContinue reading “Off topic: Why I like Meghan Markle”

My Latest Obsession: YouTube Reaction Videos

It’s a strange thing to admit, I love reaction videos.  Well, I should clarify, certain types of reaction videos, namely those that deal with entertainment pieces that (a) I love and, (b) evokes a strong reaction. I’m trying to remember what piece of entertainment drove me to watch a reaction video.  I think it wasContinue reading “My Latest Obsession: YouTube Reaction Videos”