Borne: An Accessible and Riveting Introduction into the Wonderfully Weird World of Jeff Vandermeer

It’s odd to admit but I’ve recently realized that I have somehow stumbled into a reader relationship with Jeff Vandermeer.  It all started because I, an unpublished fantasy author, began to worry that my young adult fantasy wasn’t – well – weird enough.  I can’t really remember how I found Vandermeer’s Wonderbook.  Maybe it was through […]

Chasing Carrie Fisher

In honor Carrie Fisher and the opening of “The Last Jedi” later this week I decided to read all of Carrie’s memoirs and watch her one woman special “Wishful Drinking”. While I was on my “Carrie-binge” I threw in “Bright Lights” about her Hollywood upbringing and relationship with her mother Debbie Reynolds for good measure. […]

Reading Agatha Christie: I can see the puzzle outline but the interior remains elusive.

As is often the case with me, I was recently inspired by a movie opening to explore the literary source material.  I’m one of those people who assumes that if a movie is based on a book, the book is likely better.  In my experience that is usually the case.  The last time it was […]