The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Shepherd’s Moon Inn (& Tavern) “Grampy, I thought it was your left leg that was hurt?” Moonie paused mid stride to look back at his granddaughter Sylvie. She was standing just behind the bar, dusting sheep hair from the countertop as she observed him with a seemingly innocent smile on her face. MoonieContinue reading “The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar: Chapter 2”

Original Work: The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar (Chapter 1)

By way of introduction readers of this blog will know that I have written a young adult fantasy entitled “The Madian”.  Perhaps not surprisingly (going by agent feedback) that work is getting very little traction on this blog, WattPad, or FictionPress.  So just for fun I thought I’d share an earlier work that is probablyContinue reading “Original Work: The Peasant Sylvie & Evil Little Dagmar (Chapter 1)”

Using FanFiction for Writing Practice & Cinematic Therapy

If you’ve read my blog you know I’m a massive Star Wars fan.  Though I’ve seen the film twice I’m still not sure of how I feel about The Last Jedi. I think my main source of distress is simply not understanding how the story progresses from here. To me, The Last Jedi felt to muchContinue reading “Using FanFiction for Writing Practice & Cinematic Therapy”

Why Don’t I Feel Forlorn?

via Daily Prompt: Forlorn At times I wonder, am I delusional? Why don’t I feel more hopeless, unfulfilled, abandoned? Maybe I should, maybe I’m in denial. Whatever the case, I don’t feel forlorn and I can’t help but wonder why. Nearly two years ago I left a good job in a rather toxic environment. IContinue reading “Why Don’t I Feel Forlorn?”

Where To Open A Story?

This is an interesting question because the flippant answer would be at the beginning of course!  But what is a beginning?  There can be many entry points to a story, with each potentially leading the narrative in very different directions.  I’ve just completed another Writing Challenge from Wonderbook (Vandermeer) that nicely illustrates this idea.  TheContinue reading “Where To Open A Story?”

Calling Female Fantasy Fans: Would You Read This Book?

I’ve written a fantasy novel.  It’s “young adult-ish” and features a prominent love story.  I say it’s young adult-ish because while the protagonist is 17 years old for most of the story there is some sexual content.  This content is not explicit or gratuitous in nature and is integral to the progression of the story. Continue reading “Calling Female Fantasy Fans: Would You Read This Book?”

A Sunflower by Any Other Name

As mentioned in an earlier post I’m working through “Wonderbook” (Vandermeer) in an effort to boost my creativity.  For Writing Challenge #2, I had to choose a subject and gather materials related to that subject from four different text sources written in diverse styles and/or points of view.  From these disparate sources a three toContinue reading “A Sunflower by Any Other Name”