The Madian: Story Description

Title: The Madian (muh-DAY-in)

Genre: Fantasy

Thoughts of childhood always evoked certain golden memories for Alastine Arden. Long days spent in the village of Glyn with her family passed with the contended predictability of a community living in harmony with nature. The truth of her reality had long escaped her attention. How could she have been so blind for all those years? Falling deeply into an obsessive love during her seventeenth year was her only plausible explanation. A love so all-consuming that it obliterated the obvious truth of her world. Signs of a presence lingering just beyond her perception were there from the very beginning, signs she blissfully chose to ignore. But lingering at the edge of her awareness The Madian was patient, elusive, and ever present – just silently waiting to be seen.


Young Adult, Coming of Age, Romance, Adventure, Elementals, Dimensions